Thanks to the support of the Bilinksi Educational Foundation’s Dissertation Award, I am currently on a hiatus from teaching while I complete my dissertation. The break has been productive and refreshing, but I keenly miss being in the classroom.

LING 102 – Introduction to the Study of Language
Fall 2015
Fall 2013
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011

Course Description
LING 102 Fall 2015 Syllabus
LING 102 Fall 2015 Schedule

LING 150 – Language in Hawaii and the Pacific
Spring 2014

Course Description
LING 150 Spring 2014 Syllabus

Language Documentation Training Center
The LDTC helps native speakers of underdocumented languages document their languages by introducing them to basic linguistic concepts, training them on relevant computer software, and providing a graduate student mentor for each participant. It is our hope that students will become enthusiastic about what they learn and continue documenting their language either with the LDTC or back home in their home communities. We also hope that they will share this knowledge with their communities, demonstrating that they can play a dynamic role in the preservation, maintenance, and continuation of their languages

Special Workshops Taught: Orthography, Lexicography, Morphology

My Participants:
Erniyawanti Adam (Samawa)
David Dugu (Fijian)
Felix Da Silva (Naueti)
Pelagio Doutel (Waima’a)